A revolutionary blockchain initiative for the Dutch real estate market.

The initiative

Mijn Vastgoed™ aims to it possible for everyone to invest in real estate. For this reason, Mijn Vastgoed™ is developing a platform that makes it possible to split real estate properties into blockchain tokens. These blockchain tokens can then be bought and traded on the online platform.

Token holders are then entitled to a part of the rental income and the surplus value when the property is sold.

The blockchain tokens can be purchased and traded on the online platform, enabling customers to purchase and sell their real estate investments at lightning speed.

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Public Token Sale (Crowdfunding)

The financing for the development of the online platform is done through the issuance of dividend tokens.

These dividend tokens entitle the owner to a dividend from the company. By acquiring funds this way, Mijn Vastgoed makes it possible for everyone to invest in the start-up. The dividend tokens must not be confused with the real estate blockchain tokens that make it possible to invest in an investment property on the online platform.

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Meet the team

Sebastien LeFebvre



Ir. Guust Hilte

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